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Arvin City Council Adopts Resolution for Health-Protective 1,2,3-TCP MCL!


Arvin City Council  

At their last meeting on September 6, 2016, the Arvin City Council passed and adopted a resolution that "affirms its commitment to promote and encourage the efforts of the State Water Resources Control Board to establish the most health protective Maximum Contaminant Level of 5 parts per trillion for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane." Further, the resolution encourages Arvin residents and other community to stay informed and get involved in the public participation processes as the MCL is being developed at the State Water Board. Read the full resolution here!


Arvin City Council Member, Jose Gurrola, discusses 1,2,3-TCP after community meeting. 

Arvin is one of the most 1,2,3-TCP impacted communities in the most impacted County (Kern County) in all of California. CWC commends the Arvin City Council for their leadership on this issue, and for supporting the campaign to regulate a health protective MCL of 5 ppt for cancer-causing contaminant 1,2,3-TCP. We hope to work with other 1,2,3-TCP impacted communities, cities, and local water boards to adopt similar resolutions so Californians can be protected from this toxic chemical.

Read more about CWC's 1,2,3-TCP campaign and get involved


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