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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Do you want to support Community Water Center in a unique and fun way? Then social fundraising is the idea for you!


Ideas for social fundraising

Host a dinner party 
Invite friends and family over for a delicious meal (home cooking not required). Ask for a donation to attend the dinner!

Donate your birthday, anniversary or special occasion 
Donate your special occasion to the fight for safe, clean and affordable water. Have friends and family donate to CWC with money they would have used to buy a gift for your birthday, anniversary, or any other special day!

Challenge yourself 
Have people support you in some type of endurance event. Run a marathon, walk a 5k, host a dance marathon, the choice is up to you!

Sell crafts, baked goods, lemonade, and more 
Start your own business to benefit the movement for safe, clean and affordable water!

Host a live auction 
Have a dinner and have everyone bring an item that could be auctioned off. This is a fun way for people to support the cause while also getting rid of an item or two sitting around their house!


Example of personal fundraising page that CWC will set up for you. It can be completely customized with your own pictures and fundraising message! The link will not be public on our website, but we will share it with you so that you are able to send it to friends and family through email and social media.



What you do:

  • Pick a reason or occasion to raise money!

  • Provide us with: a short description of our fundraiser, why you want to support CWC, and a photo of yourself to be used for the web page we create for you, and the timeframe of your fundraiser. Email this information to Kelsey Hinton at

  • Share the link to your custom page with anyone you’d like to donate.


What CWC will do: 

  • Set up a personal fundraising page for you that will allow people to donate to your event and provide a link you can share with others

  • Write customized, hand-written thank you notes to your friends and family who donate to your fundraiser.




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