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East Porterville


Time without safe drinking water: At least since summer 2014

The struggle: Residents in East Porterville rely on private wells, which started going dry last summer. It is estimated that just over 300 wells went dry as California’s drought conditions continued.

The people impacted: East Porterville is an unincorporated community of approximately 7,500 residents, many of whom are low-income Latinos, in Tulare County.

The solution: The city of Porterville and private residents began providing the community emergency drinking water supplies in the fall of 2014. The Porterville Area Coordinating Council (PACC) provided residents with 275-gallon water tanks, and the City of Porterville has funded the refilling of these tanks. The city of Porterville would like to connect East Porterville to their water system and has installed lines in some areas, but additional funding and capacity is required.