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Kristin Dobbin

Regional Water Management Coordinator



Kristin joined the Community Water Center in 2015. As Regional Water Management Coordinator, Kristin works in regional planning, policy and program development in the Tulare Lake Basin to increase access to safe and affordable drinking water for the region's disadvantaged communities.

From working with local, volunteer water boards to Integrated Regional Water Management groups to state agencies, Kristin's work focuses on bridging many levels and subsets of water resources management to work towards comprehensive, regional solutions.

Kristin’s academic and professional experience lies in rural water policy and community water management. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kristin graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in environmental policy and environmental science. Kristin’s senior thesis considered the successes and challenges of national community water management programs in Costa Rica. After graduation, as a Fulbright scholar, Kristin spent a year in Honduras researching the effect of social capital on the long-term success of community water management. She previously worked as the research coordinator for Colorado River Connected, supporting a broad-reaching coalition of environmental organizations in regional planning for the Colorado River Basin. Kristin is a 2012 Udall scholar.


Visalia Office, (559) 733-0219

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