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Resident Testimony Ensures that Senate Bill 623 Passes Unanimously in its First Senate Committee


Each year, a million Californians—well more than the population of Flint, Michigan—are impacted by unsafe drinking water.

On April 19th, dozens of community leaders from the San Joaquin Valley traveled up to Sacramento to speak out in support of Senate Bill 623, which would create a fund to ensure all Californians have safe and affordable drinking water.

Senate Bill 623 (by Senator Bill Monning) is now on its way to the Senate Appropriations Committee. As the bill heads to this committee, now is the time to tell the state legislature to support safe and affordable drinking water for all Californians.

California has always been a leader, and we have high standards in almost every area of public life. It’s time we caught up on drinking water.

Children are especially at risk. Drinking water with contaminants like arsenic and nitrate can cause rashes, miscarriages, and cancer. Some schools are having to spend their limited school budget on bottled water, just so that students can get an education without getting sick.

The lack of state funding for water system operation and maintenance expenses has left hundreds of small, low-income communities facing a terrible decision: raise rates to unaffordable levels, or leave the water untreated and unsafe?

Residents from Alpaugh, Lanare, Arvin, and other communities traveled to Sacramento speak out in support of legislative action this year to ensure safe and affordable drinking water for all.

Join Community Water Center, Clean Water Action, and Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability in voicing your support for safe and affordable drinking water!

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