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$6K in 1 Week to Support Organizing and Advocacy in Drought-Impacted Communities

Over 300 homes in the Central Valley already have dry wells, and many more are at risk of losing their water as the drought continues. In rural Monson, California, Gladys and Jorge Colunga and their six children have gone without running water for the three hottest months of the year in the Central Valley. Your help is needed in the fight for the human right to water!

Gladys Colunga and her family have gone without running water for the three hottest months of the year in the Central Valley. Photo credit: Brett Walton, Circle of Blue

We are trying to raise $6,000 by Thursday as part of our Drought Fundraising Campaign, and we can reach that goal with your help!! With more and more wells going dry, rural communities that already lacked clean drinking water now have little to no water at all. CWC is working collaboratively to ensure residents with dry wells receive appropriate emergency assistance -- and to ensure that communities are organized to advocate for lasting solutions.

As you know, CWC builds capacity for community-driven solutions through organizing, education, and advocacy in California’s Central Valley. We are raising money at this critical time to: 

  1. address immediate drought-related needs, and 

  2. organize drought-impacted communities to develop more permanent, lasting sources of clean, affordable water.

CWC is working collaboratively with state, county, and private organizations to develop both immediate and lasting solutions for drought-impacted communities.

Thanks to CWC advocacy, Gladys Colunga was able to sign up for and receive emergency bottled water from the County.

When the Colungas' well went dry, CWC worked with officials from Tulare County to secure bottled drinking water for low-income residents. In addition, we were able to connect Gladys Colunga with NBC Nightly News, where she shared her story and raised awareness about the drought. Thanks to strong media coverage and community-led advocacy, we recently got Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency and issue an executive order that will bring new funding to drought-impacted communities. And we’re continuing to work towards a permanent water solution for Monson and the Colungas.

But we don’t have any funding specifically for drought relief efforts. So we’re depending on donations from this campaign to support our work organizing drought-impacted communities to find permanent water solutions.

As the drought continues, we need your support to connect residents with the resources they need for both emergency relief and lasting water solutions. Monthly donations of $10 or $25 help us build a sustainable, reliable source of support. Or if that’s not possible for you right now, a one-time donation will go a long way during this critical drought period. We can’t do this work without you!

Together, with your support, we are actively building solutions to ensure equal access to safe drinking water for all Californians. Thank you for joining us!


Susana De Anda Laurel Firestone, Esq.
Co-Executive Director Co-Executive Director

p.s. We’ve helped drought-impacted individuals share their stories with NBC Nightly NewsThe Today ShowCNN and many other media outlets. For our recent work, CWC has even been called a water “power broker” by Mother Jones. To read more stories of those impacted by the drought, visit

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