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Arvin Safe Water Program Unveils First Safe Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

16916582666_9cd4d610da_z.jpgOn Monday, June 15th, the Community Water Center and Rural Community Assistance Corporation unveiled the first round of filtered water fountains in Sierra Vista Elementary School. These fountains are part of the movement for safe drinking water in South Kern County.

Approximately 20,000 residents in the City of Arvin have been impacted by unsafe drinking water for over a decade. Nearly every public well in the city has high levels of arsenic, a drinking water contaminant that can cause cancer, reduced mental functioning in children, and Type 2 Diabetes.

An innovative partnership between the Community Water Center, Rural Community Assistance Corporation, the State Water Resources Control Board, The California Endowment, and Helping Hands for Water is installing water fountains and bottle filling stations with point-of-use treatment systems specifically designed to remove arsenic from the water. In total, more than 70 safe water stations will be installed in local schools, libraries, health clinics, parks, and other community spaces in Arvin.

At the kickoff event, representatives from the school, local nonprofits, and other community partners shared updates about the Arvin Safe Water Program. Local community leaders lead a walking tour of the fountains to demonstrate the arsenic treatment systems. Students and residents tasted the water and celebrated the community’s progress toward achieving safe drinking water sources.

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