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Community Water Center launches free bottled water program for Central Coast residents


May 4, 2020

Jerry Jimenez


Program needed for residents lacking clean water during COVID-19 crisis

WATSONVILLE, Calif. – It’s Drinking Water Week and the Community Water Center today is launching a free bottled water delivery program for Central Coast residents who lack clean water.

Many residents in the Central Coast get their water from wells. However, high levels of contaminants have been found in some areas, especially in drinking water wells in or near agricultural areas, making their water unsafe for drinking, cooking, or meeting their other basic needs.

Through state funding, the Regional Bottled Water Program for Central Coast Households provides a safe drinking water source for qualifying households with contaminated well water.

 “Clean water is a basic human right, not a privilege,” said Mayra Hernandez, a community organizer for Community Water Center. “This is also a public health issue. During a time of shelter-in-place, getting clean water to people is of the utmost importance. This program can support everyone in accessing safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.”

 Households that qualify will receive 5-gallon re-fillable bottles of water delivered to their homes every two weeks at no cost and a manual pump for their bottled water.

 Qualifications include having a well with contaminants at a level above the drinking water standard. Some requirements may be waived due to the state of emergency.

 Residents are encouraged to call the Community Water Center for more information at 831-288-0450 or visit


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