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Fundraising with CWC

Do you want to support the work Community Water Center does in a unique and fun way?

Then fundraising is the idea for you!

CWC is introducing two new ways to support the movement for safe, clean and affordable water in California: fundraising parties and create your own fundraisers! Fundraising gives you the chance to share the message that water is a basic human right, not a privilege with your friends, families, and coworkers.

Fundraising parties consist you of you hosting a meal with friends, families, neighbors, coworkers, etc. During the meal, a short presentation of the work CWC does will be provided for your guests!

Social fundraising is similar, but gives you the chance to create your own fundraiser! You can ask friends and family to donate in place of gifts for a birthday, to support you in an endurance event like a marathon, or anything you can think of.

Both options help CWC to educate and organize impacted residents so they are able to pursue community-driven water solutions. continue to Click below to learn more about these opportunities!

Click here to learn about hosting a fundraising party

Click here to learn about creating your own fundraiser

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