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Groundwater Quality Funding Scoping: Public Comment Period - June 30

The State Water Board is accepting public comments to the Groundwater Quality Funding Programs. Comments submitted by June 30th will be most valuable. These are important funding programs that could be used to address community drinking water challenges. We need to make sure the funding guidelines prioritize projects that address the needs of communities without safe drinking water, especially small communities that rely on contaminated groundwater as their sole source of drinking water. The Groundwater Quality Funding Programs are still in the very early development stages -- your participation can help shape the programs to ensure they meet community needs. More information and links to fact sheets on both of the funding programs, SB 445 Site Cleanup Subaccount Program and the Proposition 1 Groundwater Sustainability Program is provided below. 





SB 445 Site Cleanup Subaccount Program (SCAP)

The SCAP is unique because SB 445 allows for applicants who are not typically eligible to apply for grant agreements, such as private companies and individuals. It requires the State Water Board to consider whether there are alternative sources of funding for projects, so that the SCAP can focus on projects where no other funding options are available. SCAP projects are likely to be smaller than many projects funded by bonds and state revolving funds. There are at least two types of projects that are likely to present themselves when project solicitation occurs:  (1) Projects to address contaminated drinking water of unregulated sources, such as contaminated drinking water supplies with less than 15 connections; and (2) Projects to cleanup sources of contamination at “orphan sites”.  SB 445 requires that the eligible projects responsible party does not have the financial resources to implement a remedy.

Proposition 1 Groundwater Sustainability Program

Proposition 1 was passed by voters in November 2014 and provided $900 million for a groundwater sustainability program (Assembly Bill 1471, Chapter 10).  The State Water Board will administer $800 million to prevent and cleanup contamination of groundwater that serves (or has served) as a source of drinking water.  The funds can be provided as grants or loans.  Eligible applicants are public agencies, tribes, public utilities, non-profits, and mutual water companies.  Proposition 1 provides project prioritization criteria including threat to drinking water supply; potential for contamination to spread to nearby population areas; potential to enhance local water supplies; potential to recharge vulnerable, high-use basins; and projects for which there are no responsible parties or the responsible parties are unwilling/unable to pay for the cleanup.   Workshop participants will be asked for input on the scope of funding guidelines that staff will draft for further public review and input. The funding guidelines will be used as the basis for soliciting and selecting projects for Proposition 1 funding.

Where to get more information:

Groundwater quality funding (GWQF) information is available on the DFA website. The information describes and compares the funding programs, eligibility requirements, and timelines.

GWQF Fact Sheet:

GWQF PowerPoint:

SCAP Fact Sheet:

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If you have questions or would like to submit comments, email: or call 1-800-813-Fund (3863)  



June 30, 2015 at 12am - 12pm
State Water Resources Control Board
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United States
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