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Host a House Party

Host a House Party

Like to throw parties? Throw a House Party for CWC. House parties can be low-key fundraising events in your home or even at your place of business. Here is how it works… 


  • Provide the space (your home or business usually)
  • Provide refreshments and hors d’oeuvres
  • Personally invite your friends, family, neighbors and/or colleagues
  • Give a gift yourself (and if comfortable ask everyone to join you)


  • Provide verbiage about CWC for the invite
  • Provide additional invitees if desired
  • Give a short program about our work at the event, including an appeal for donations

House parties are usually 2-hour events, hosted either on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons, with a short program (20-30 minutes) about CWC and our work. For more information, contact Natalie Garcia at or 916-706-3346.


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