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Immediate Access & Community Education

Because long-term solutions to drinking water challenges can take many years to achieve, CWC is helping to create community-driven interim solutions with communities, schools, and public spaces in the San Joaquin Valley that do not have access to safe drinking water. 

Community-Driven Process
CWC provides technical assistance so that local community and school leaders have the ability to determine which interim solution option is most suitable given their existing water quality and other water use needs, and then implement that solution. CWC works with a number of funders and project partners to help ensure that there are funding resources or in-kind donations to cover project costs. These include initial capital equipment, materials, and labor, to ensure the project is affordable. CWC also provides training and assistance to project sites to develop a sustainable and successful operations and maintenance plan. CWC can also provide educational materials for community residents, students, parents, and staff about local drinking water contaminants, filtration systems, emergency drinking water supplies, and other important information to improve access to safe and affordable drinking water and reduce exposure to local contaminants. 

Interim solutions projects help households and schools have safe, affordable, and readily accessible drinking water. Access to cost-effective interim sources of safe drinking water can help families save up to 10% of their monthly income from buying bottled water. Additionally, these projects can help schools ensure students are able to stay hydrated, which has been linked to higher academic performance; promote good nutrition, which is important to reduce rates of obesity and diabetes; and help comply with requirements of SB 1413 to provide access to free, fresh drinking water during meal times.

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