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Laurel Firestone Speaks at International Law Conference

Laurel-staff-photo.jpgCWC Co-Founder and Co-Director Laurel Firestone was invited to speak at an international conference on "Human Rights and the Environment: Interdisciplinary Approaches." Laurel joined other environmental law scholars and advocates, policymakers, NGO leaders, and scholars in anthropology, geology, hydrology, and political science, among other fields. The two-day conference explored impact assessment, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the cultural and ethical underpinnings of environmental and human rights claims. 

Laurel spoke on a panel about advocates' practical experiences and engagement:

This panel engages the practical experiences of human rights and environmental advocates. Some of the questions we hope to explore are: what are the practical challenges in producing and disseminating knowledge about environmental and/or human rights impact in a way that is accessible to the public and to decision-makers—whether policymakers or courts? How do we negotiate distinct modes of knowing and different types of expertise required to fully apprehend environmental impact, resource needs and other environmental justice issues? What are the roadblocks and the opportunities to create change? How can we add issues of exclusion, culture, poverty and human rights to questions of environmental impact and advocacy? Are these additional lenses effective, necessary, and/or desirable?

Laurel Firestone, Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder, Community Water Cebter
Deborah Sivas, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School | Director, Environmental Law Clinic
Allison Davenport, Clinical Instructor, UC Berkeley Law School, Int’l Human Rights Law Clinic
Discussant, Michelle Wilde Anderson, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Moderator: Claret Vargas, Exec. Director Stanford Human Rights Center



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