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Sustainable & Affordable Drinking Water Solutions

Empowering Local Communities.
There is no greater way to impact a community in the long-term than to build local capacity and empower its people to advocate for themselves. CWC promotes the direct participation of impacted communities in the development of effective and affordable regional clean water solutions. Our work focuses on:

1. Building community capacity to engage in water infrastructure planning and funding processes;
2. Advocating for better water quality, water planning, and water funding policies, as well as working to eliminate barriers to disadvantaged community participation at the local, regional, and state levels;
3. Facilitating direct contact and communication between impacted community members and the decision-makers impacting local community drinking water challenges; and
4. Developing and disseminating resources and information to support strong community voices in decision-making processes impacting drinking water in the valley.

To these ends, CWC provides extensive organizing, outreach, meeting facilitation, and technical assistance support for local development of long-term, sustainable solutions for safe drinking water. This support includes helping local communities identify specific contaminants in their water supply, sources of pollution, and potential project alternatives. CWC also facilitates the development of joint-solutions among communities to reduce long-term vulnerability and strengthen the resources available to resolve the problem. In this work, CWC utilizes a strong and growing list of project partners to develop additional funding sources through public agencies, private organizations, and charitable foundations to invest in drinking water solutions.

East Porterville for Water Justice

Northern Tulare County Water Alliance

AGUA Coalition

Tulare Lake Basin DAC Water Study

Upper Kings Basin DAC Pilot Project

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