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May 2019 eNews

May 2019

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We have a historic opportunity to pass a sustainable source of funding for safe water next week. For decades, community members have led the fight against the continued, direct violation of California's Human Right to Water law which passed in 2012. We are launching a water strike to call attention to CA's ongoing safe water crisis. This strike will continue until we pass the June 15 budget deadline. Join communities impacted by unsafe water at the State Capitol on all of next week to secure a sustainable funding source because the one million Californians without safe water don’t deserve to wait any longer. See more information below!

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Susana De Anda


JUNE 10-14, 12-1 PM. Water Strike at the State Capitol. Community members impacted by unsafe water in their homes, schools and communities will be rallying in a powerful call to action at the steps of the Capitol now through to next week in the run-up to the June 15 budget deadline. Join impacted residents from the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast, Dolores Huerta, local leaders, and allies on June 10th. Residents will continue to rally through June 14th at the State Capitol.


JUNE 28, 5-6 PM. Central Coast Comité Platica. Comité members will be sharing their experience working with the Pajaro Sunny Mesa Community Service District (CSD)  to secure safe bottled water delivery. This is an interim solution for drinking water contamination of private wells. All residents of the Bluff Rd., Jensen Rd, and Springfield Rd. area in north Monterey County are invited to this meeting to learn more about the safe water program. A special thanks to the Pajaro Sunny Mesa CSD for stepping up to apply for state funds for water delivery!


JULY 2, 5-8PM. Roundtable on Protecting Drinking Water in Groundwater Markets. Across the state, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are developing plans for how they will manage groundwater using “groundwater markets,” which would limit the amount that each user can pump, and would allow individuals to buy and sell their allotment of groundwater. Attend to learn more about what groundwater markets are, and how they could impact drinking water supplies for disadvantaged communities. Meeting organizers will present a new Community Guide to Groundwater Markets, host a short panel discussion, and practice groundwater market scenarios. Dinner and Spanish translation will be provided. To RSVP, please fill out the short form here.


JULY 27, 4-7 PM. An Evening of Art and Justice at Runnymede Farm. Join us on Saturday, July 27 for our second annual fundraiser featuring a tour of a private collection of sculptures, a lively discussion on drinking water in CA, outdoor dinner and more! RSVP to reserve your spot here.

CWC in the news

New York Times: They Grow the Nation’s Food, but They Can’t Drink the Water. CWC’s Susana De Anda sheds light on the relationship between clean water and money. Despite producing the nation’s food, residents in the Central Valley, predominantly Latinx residents, face toxic water in their homes, schools, and clinics.

San Francisco Chronicle: 1 million Californians use tainted water. Will state pass a clean-water tax? CWC’s Kelsey Hinton calls into question the distribution of resources and attention the state gives. Solutions exist for the clean drinking water crisis in the Central Valley and across the state through the proposed Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund.

Sacramento Bee: ‘We couldn’t even take showers’: Californians with unsafe drinking water appeal for fixes. Community residents traveled to Sacramento to hold a water strike outside the Capitol in support of secure, sustainable funding for solving CA’s drinking water crisis.

Kion 5/46 News: Monterey County leaders rally support for state safe drinking water fund. Community partner and water activist, Horacio Amezquita, informed the public of the agricultural practices that continue to pollute groundwater with nitrates. CWC’s Susana De Anda spoke on the health effects of nitrate contamination through short term and long term exposure, such as vomiting, blue baby syndrome, and cancer.

Visalia Times Delta: Dolores Huerta condemns ‘toxic taps,’ supports proposed water tax at Valley rally. Community activists gathered outside of Senator Melissa Hurtado’s Bakersfield office to call on elected officials to support the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. The community activists were joined by Dolores Huerta and members of CWC.


See the latest CWC news coverage here.

Pajaro Sunny Mesa Water Board Unanimously Supports Bottled Water Grant for Nearby Households Impacted by Unsafe Drinking Water

This past Wednesday, members of El Comité para tener agua sana, limpia, y economica alongside CWC’s Central Coast Organizing team attended the Pajaro Sunny Mesa Community Service District (CSD) board meeting to advocate for  bottled water for a community located north of Moss Landing in Monterey County with high levels of nitrate and 1,2,3-TCP in their water. All of the Comité members had the opportunity to share their personal experience of living with contaminated water. he Pajaro Sunny Mesa CSD board unanimously voted to approve the CSD applying for the Clean up and Abatement Act Grant for emergency bottled water! Our Central Coast Organizing team will be working with the Comité, CSD, and the State Water Board to start the bottled water delivery as soon as possible.


Historic Week for Safe Drinking Water

For three years, a campaign to pass a secure, sustainable source of funding for solving the state’s drinking water crisis has been led by community residents, CWC, and other organizations throughout the state – but the fight for safe and affordable drinking water has gone on for decades. Next week has the potential to be historic step towards ending this crisis once and for all.

With the state budget deadline next week, legendary farmer worker rights leader Dolores Huerta will join Californians living without safe drinking water for a Water Strike calling attention to the urgent public health crisis of contaminated drinking water in communities across California. The Water Strike was launched last week at the Capitol, with impacted residents forgoing drinking water for one hour in 100+ degree heat to join in solidarity with the more than one million Californians who lack access to safe water. Community members, local leaders, and environmental justice advocates will continue to urge our decision makers to secure a sustainable funding source by June 15 that provides the greatest level of certainty possible for universal, permanent access to safe water in CA, and that is protected from inevitable economic downtowns. California must put such a solution in place this month, because the one million Californians without safe water don’t deserve to wait any longer. Many have lived their entire lives without access to clean water.

Join us next week at the Capitol in support of safe water for ALL!


Patty Avila-Garcia joins the CWC team

Our team is excited to introduce you to our new staff member! Patty Avila-Garcia joined the Sacramento team last month as a Program Associate. Check out her bio and make sure to give her a warm welcome!

Join us in Woodside, CA on July 27th

Join us July 27th at our upcoming fundraiser in Woodside, An Evening of Art and Justice, featuring a tour of a private collection of sculptures, lively discussion on drinking water in CA, outdoor dinner and more. RSVP to reserve your spot here.

Where: Runnymede Farm

     980 Runnymede Rd

     Woodside, CA 94062


When: Saturday, July 27th

            from 4-7 PM

RSVP below. Look forward to seeing you!



Do you want to join our team? CWC is Hiring!

Complete job descriptions and more information on how to apply, please visit:

Current openings:

Administrative Assistant - Visalia Office
This position is primarily responsible for providing clerical and program support from the Visalia office. This position reports to the Director of Operations and will also work closely with other CWC personnel, independent contractors, allies and vendors. The Administrative Assistant opportunity can be a part-time or full-time position.  If you have any questions, please contact Anavel Valdez-Lupercio at


Water Leadership Strategist - Visalia Office: The Water Leadership Strategist is primarily responsible for coordinating the Community Water Leaders Network (CWLN) and supporting efforts to build regional power. CWLN is a network of 22 elected representatives from city councils, county board of supervisors, local water boards, public utilities districts, community service districts, school boards who have made a commitment to securing safe, clean and affordable water for their communities. The network is designed to support local elected decision makers by connecting leaders to each other for peer support and mentorship, providing accurate information and water expertise, and by sharing information on opportunities to secure safe and affordable drinking water. If you have any questions, please contact Adriana Renteria at




  • Funding available for water systems impacted by 1,2,3-TCP. On December 14, 2017, the State Water Board approved an early effective date for the maximum contaminant level (MCL) of contaminant 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP). In order to obtain cost recovery for your impacted system, you need to obtain legal representation in order to sue the responsible parties, Shell and Dow Chemicals, for 1-2-3 TCP contamination. Litigation can take anywhere from a year to 3 or more years, so if you are impacted by 1-2-3 TCP and are in need of financial assistance to come into compliance with the new MCL, there are funding sources at the state available for eligible entities. The primary funding source is the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF), and the Prop 1 Groundwater Grant Fund is also a secondary option to cover instances where the DWSRF doesn’t cover. In order to qualify for state funding sources you will likely be required to show you are initiating efforts to recover costs from the responsible parties. For any questions, contact the State Water Resources Control Board.




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