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Oil companies’ fracking fines go to Visalia-based water center

ON Oct 13, 2014

The State of California just took strong action against oil companies involved with fracking, and it resulted in funding for a project through CWC! CWC will receive approximately $200,000 in funding from a settlement.

Jerry Brown, Smart and Prepared, Responds to California’s Drought Emergency

ON Oct 12, 2014

By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue. Three straight years of desperately dry conditions in California are igniting hills in towering orange flames, turning reservoirs to sandpits, and causing residents across America’s most populous state to clamor for water.

With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate

ON Oct 03, 2014

By Jennifer Medina, The New York Times. After a nine-hour day working at a citrus packing plant, her body covered in a sheen of fruit wax and dust, there is nothing Angelica Gallegos wants more than a hot shower, with steam to help clear her throat and lungs.

Drought-Impacted Communities Get National Spotlight on NBC Nightly News

ON Sep 24, 2014

CWC community partner Gladys Colunga and CWC Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Laurel Firestone shared stories about the drought’s impact on NBC Nightly News with Al Roker!

When The Water Runs Out

ON Sep 20, 2014

By Joaquin Palomino, East Bay Express. When Loralyn Sanchez turned on her kitchen faucet one morning last February, chocolate-colored sludge came out.

'Hi, Do you have water?' In Central Calif., the answer is often no

ON Sep 20, 2014

By Diana Marcum, The LA Times. The grandmother sat outside in her Sunday best next to a house with peeling paint, her canned iced tea resting on top of a washing machine that didn't work. She'd been without running water for four months.

La sed del Valle

ON Sep 20, 2014

Univision. La contaminación afecta las aguas subterráneas del Valle de California, sin embargo muchas comunidades dependen de estas aguas del subsuelo para la vida.

Not One Drop: How Long Will California Survive Life Without Water?

ON Sep 20, 2014

By Tony Dokoupil, NBC News. The old man knew of the $500-a-day fine for people caught wasting water. But the water police can’t scare a person whose water isn’t running in the first place.

Running on Empty: Drought Emergency Worsens

ON Sep 18, 2014

Private wells are going dry as the drought wears on. Because of excessive groundwater pumping, over 10 homes in Monson, up to 300 homes in East Porterville, and dozens of other private residences now have dry wells.

Seville Has Safe Water!

ON Sep 18, 2014

Seville's water had been contaminated with nitrates and bacteria for years, but a recently drilled 300-foot well finally brought the community clean water!

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