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State Letter to Farmers Demands Water to Fix Nitrate Problem

ON Oct 22, 2016

A state water agency has told some farmers in Tulare County that their operations caused nitrates to get into drinking water, and that the contamination must be replaced with a clean source. If the farmers don’t do it voluntarily, the state will order them to do so, the enforcement division of the State Water Resources Control Board says in a confidential letter obtained by The Bee.

AGUA and CWC Host Federal EPA Officials

ON Oct 07, 2016

Last month, the AGUA Coalition and CWC hosted federal officials from the US EPA’s Office of Water to share their experiences and expertise as the federal agency develops its National Action Plan for Safe Drinking Water.

Legislative Update: Six New California Laws Impacting Water

ON Oct 06, 2016

The end of September meant both the end of the 2016 water year and a deadline for signing new legislation. In the past few weeks California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bevy of new bills into law, many of them addressing drought or water issues in the state

Important Meetings about a Statewide Water Affordability Program

ON Oct 06, 2016

As a result of AB 401 (Dodd), which CWC supported last year, the State Water Board is now required to develop a plan for a Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program. The Board is beginning its plan scoping by holding a series of public meetings to seek recommendations. The first meeting to shape California’s future water affordability program will be in Fresno on Friday, October 14th, at 6pm. There will also be meetings in Redding, Inglewood, Oakland, and Bakersfield. We strongly encourage you to attend one of these meetings if you have an unaffordable water rate or work with communities that have unaffordable water rates.

Governor Brown Signs 6 Water Justice Bills into Law!

ON Oct 06, 2016

We’re thrilled to share that Governor Jerry Brown signed into law six important bills that advance environmental and water justice. We commend the legislators that authored each of these bills, our Governor for supporting them, and all of our allies in Sacramento and in the Valley for working so hard to make water justice a reality in California. Here’s a recap on the impact each bill will have:

State Water Board Congratulates CWC!

ON Sep 30, 2016

Felicia Marcus and Tam Doduc from the California State Water Board wrote a letter congratulating Co-Directors Laurel and Susana for their awesome work over the past 10 years on water justice!

10 Years Strong and Moving Forward

ON Sep 30, 2016

Our ten-year anniversary event "10 Years Strong and Moving Forward" was a success! Community partners, allies, and staff came together to take a moment to celebrate the water justice movement last Thursday.

Farmers say, ‘No apologies,’ as well drilling hits record levels in San Joaquin Valley

ON Sep 26, 2016

In Fresno and Tulare counties, where most of the drilling occurred, officials issued an average of almost 10 agricultural well permits every business day in 2015, though not all of those permits were used. That pace has fallen some in the first few months of 2016, but remains well above pre-drought levels. Tulare and Fresno are two of the three largest agricultural counties in the state, as measured by farm revenue.

Arvin City Council Adopts Resolution for Health-Protective 1,2,3-TCP MCL!

ON Sep 21, 2016

At their last meeting on September 6, 2016, the Arvin City Council passed and adopted a resolution that "affirms its commitment to promote and encourage the efforts of the State Water Resources Control Board to establish the most health protective Maximum Contaminant Level of 5 parts per trillion for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane."

Nitrates Poison Water in California's Central Valley

ON Sep 20, 2016

In California's Central Valley, where verdant fields of fruit and vegetables unfurl under sunny skies, the water that feeds them -- and flows into taps across the region -- contains a toxic and silent poison. The very same farmers who have tilled and cultivated the earth for decades in one of America's biggest produce regions have also poisoned it, dumping millions of tons of fertilizer, which has found its way into many of the region's aquifers.

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