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Northern Tulare County All-Stakeholder Summit, July 29th!


Attention residents of Cutler, East Orosi, Orosi, Monson, Seville, Sultana, and Yettem! There will be an important meeting on Wednesday, July 29th about your region’s water future, and you are invited to attend! These communities are working toward a regional drinking water solution. Come to the meeting to learn more about this important project, ask questions, voice any concerns, and get involved.

The Northern Tulare County Regional Safe Drinking Water Project seeks to ensure the long-term delivery safe, sustainable and affordable drinking water for the 7 identified communities within the Northern part of the County of Tulare. Project Partners include the 7 communities, local water boards (Orosi PUD, Cutler PUD, Sultana CSD, and East Orosi CSD), the County of Tulare, Alta Irrigation District, the State Water Board - Division of Drinking Water, Community Water Center, Self Help Enterprises and Keller Wegley Engineering. 

This project could have a huge impact on your ability to access safe, affordable drinking water in your community, so you are encouraged to attend and learn more! 

Visit our event page for event location details. 


Atención residentes de Cutler, East Orosi, Orosi, Monson, Seville, Sultana, e Yettem! Habrá una junta importante el miércoles 29 de julio sobre el futuro del agua de su región, y están invitados a asistir! Estas siete comunidades están trabajando hacia una solución regional de agua potable para mejorar la calidad y suministro del agua potable para todos los residentes. Asistan a esta junta para aprender más acerca de este importante proyecto, hacer preguntas, expresar cualquier preocupación, y participar. Este proyecto podría tener un enorme impacto en su habilidad de tener acceso al agua potable, sana y económica en su comunidad!


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