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Supervisor Mike Ennis, Chairman:
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Supervisor Pete Vander Poel III:
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Example of the email CWC is sending:

Subject: Urgent need to develop emergency ordinance limiting groundwater extractions

Dear [Mr. Ennis, Mr. Ishida, Mr. Vander Poel, Mr. Cox or Mr. Worthley]:

As a Tulare County resident, my neighbors and I are all heavily dependent on groundwater. For this reason, ensuring a vibrant and healthy future for our county requires sustainable and reliable groundwater resources. Unfortunately, the combination of ongoing groundwater overdraft and severe drought conditions is taking us further away from that goal. Groundwater levels, which were already declining, are now plummeting at an unprecedented rate in many parts of the county, leading to land subsidence and the loss of both agricultural and domestic wells. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 is an important long-term strategy for solving this problem, but we cannot wait until Groundwater Sustainability Plans as required by the law are adopted in 2020 to take action. We need solutions now!

Since 2014, more than 1,600 domestic wells in the county have run completely out of water, and although they are not tracked, many agricultural wells are also running dry or losing capacity due to unchecked groundwater use. California has spent more than $148 million in state tax dollars for emergency drought relief in Tulare County alone, yet we are not any closer to addressing the root cause of the problem, declining groundwater levels. In that same period, Tulare County has issued 5,529 well drilling permits. This race to the bottom with well drilling is unsustainable and irresponsible. Rather than allowing the situation to continue to deteriorate, taking us farther away from state mandated sustainability, it is time for our county to be proactive.

As a Tulare County resident, I urge the Board of Supervisors to develop an emergency groundwater ordinance as soon as possible. The ordinance should protect Tulare County families and landowners by limiting increased groundwater extractions until Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are in place and ready to actively manage these shared resources for the benefit of all residents.


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