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The money that we are spending on safe drinking water could be used on educational material instead.
- Rebecca Quintana, Seville school board member

Seville is a small, low-income community in Tulare county of approximately 74 homes, one elementary school, and a small store; the majority of residents are farmworkers and the median household income is about $14,000 a year. Seville has been without safe drinking water for over 50 years. Seville has old, leaky pipes, and water faucets clogged with sand and rocks.

Plans are currently underway to consolidate with the nearby community of Yettem’s water system. Yettem is also struggling with high nitrate levels, but consolidation of these two systems would give both communities a more secure supply of safe drinking water. Phase 1 of this plan is moving forward this summer to replace the dilapidated distribution network for water in Seville. Next, phase 2 will include drilling a new well in Yettem and the consolidation of the two communities. Both Yettem and Seville are scheduled to form the Yettem-Seville Community Services District this November.

CWC has been working with Seville since December of 2008. CWC helped the community establish the community-based organization Committee for a Better Seville, and helped the community address funding hurdles and secure planning money.

Last updated May 8, 2018