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Dear California Legislators,  

Please act now to get safe water to the more than one million Californians who don’t have it. If we move quickly on a few fundamental solutions, we can provide drought relief and go a long way to make sure Californians have safe clean drinking water in the future.  

Target Drought Funding to the Communities That Need it Most

We need to ensure that emergency drought funding goes to the communities that need it the most. Thousands of Californians are experiencing extreme and acute impacts due to the drought. Private well owners and residents of rental homes and apartment buildings are particularly vulnerable to complete household water loss because of current eligibility restrictions on emergency funding.

I support AB 954, which will provide loans and grants to private well owners for drinking and wastewater treatment projects

Please help remove eligibility restrictions on public drought resources by voting "yes" on AB 954. The residents most affected by the drought need access to emergency resources.  

Promote Safe Water for School Children

Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right and a foundation for healthy lives, but many California children lack safe water in their schools.

Schools throughout California have been impacted by unsafe drinking water at the tap, and many schools face recurring challenges to providing safe water. I support SB 334 and AB 496, because they develop tools and programs for schools that lack safe drinking water. This is unacceptable, and it is solvable. As one of the nation’s wealthiest states, we have it within our means to ensure our students have safe drinking water. Please support SB 334 and AB 496.

Ensure Water is Affordable for All Californians

Many California communities are facing unaffordable water rates. As the drought continues, this problem is only getting worse. All Californians are guaranteed the human right to water, but to access that right, we need to be able to afford water, which is becoming more and more difficult during this drought.

I support AB 401, because it is a step towards addressing unaffordable water rates in California communities. 


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