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Newly Appointed CA Governor Gavin Newsom Supports Safe Drinking Water For All Californians

Following the release of California's 2019-2020 state budget proposal, Gov. Gavin Newsom brought cabinet members to the San Joaquin Valley, where many communities are afflicted with unsafe drinking water. He took to Twitter to announce what he was there for:

"Took my Cabinet on a surprise trip to the Central Valley to hear directly from folks who lack access to affordable, clean water.
Our first stop: we met with residents who cannot drink or bathe with the water in their homes"

While in Monterey Park Tract in Ceres, a community with several contaminated wells, Newsom spoke with local media outlets and had this to say:

"It's only day five or six of the administration, but look: the issue of safe drinking water, affordable drinking water, is top of mind ... We cannot continue to under-deliver to communities like this and thousands of others across the state." 

View the full video of Newsom in Monterey Park Tract below. 

Video Source: The Modesto Bee
Gavin Newsom in Stanislaus County to discuss state’s bad water

Proposition 3 Update - Actualización sobre la Propuesta 3

Jonathan Nelson - Policy Director at Community Water Center

We are disappointed that Proposition 3 did not pass. Over 1 million Californians are impacted by unsafe drinking water each year -- including many in Tulare County and around the Valley. Proposition 3 would have provided desperately needed funding for safe drinking water, and would have benefited our most vulnerable communities.

In light of the failure of Proposition 3, it is now even more urgent that California leaders come together to address California’s drinking water crisis. At a minimum, we urge the passage of the bipartisan Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, which was jointly put forward by Governor Brown’s Administration, Senate Majority Leader Monning, a historic coalition of over 140 organizations including environmental justice and agricultural stakeholders, as well as impacted communities and community leaders. California leaders must prioritize securing funding for safe and affordable drinking water next year -- because our communities remain thirsty for justice, and they deserve a fair and equal right to the California promise of safe, clean, and affordable drinking water for all.

Estamos decepcionados porque la Propuesta 3 no fué aceptada en las pasadas elecciones del 6 de noviembre. Cada año, existen más de un millón de californianos que no tienen acceso al agua potable y limpia, incluyendo a miles de residentes del Condado de Tulare y alrededor del Valle de San Joaquín. La Propuesta 3 iba a ayudar a que las comunidades más vulnerables tuvieran los fondos necesarios para tener agua potable y limpia.

Ahora que la Propuesta 3 fue rechazada es una necesidad que los líderes de California trabajen juntos para resolver la crisis del agua potable. Como mínimo, esperamos que el Fondo Económico Para Tener Agua Sana, Limpia y Económica sea aprobada por los dos partidos de la Cámara baja, así como fué presentado conjuntamente por la administración del Gobernador Brown, el Líder de la Mayoría del Senado, una coalición histórica de más de 140 organizaciones que incluyen organizaciones que trabajan por la justicia ambiental y el sector agrícola, las comunidades afectadas y líderes de la comunidad. Los líderes de California deben darle una prioridad para asegurar que el año que entra todas las comunidades tengan acceso al agua potable y limpia porque nuestras comunidades siguen sedientos por la justicia porque merecen un trato justo y el mismo derecho para que todos los californianos tengan agua potable, limpia y económica.

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