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Three Reasons to Support the Water Justice Movement

Your support helped us fill 2015 with big wins. Mil gracias! Thank you! Here are three reasons and three ways to support CWC this holiday season.

Mil_Gracias.jpgThree Reasons to Support the Water Justice Movement

1. Rural communities need interim groundwater ordinances to protect them from complete household water loss. Your donation will help us step up our local campaigns to ensure rural residents are protected from virtually unrestricted groundwater pumping.
2. After four years of community-led advocacy, we finally have public data available on groundwater wells in California! Your donation will help us advocate to use the new data from these "well logs" to better understand groundwater supply and quality as new Groundwater Sustainability Agencies form throughout the state.
3. In the 2015 legislative session, we helped secure new tools and support for consolidating water systems. Your donation will help us make sure we turn this big win into real change in small communities where local drinking water challenges can be addressed simply by connecting residents to larger, neighboring systems. 


Three Ways to Support the Water Justice Movement
1. Donate now online or by mail to support CWC's work to bring safe drinking water access to all Californians.
2. Become a Water Justice Champion by giving monthly to CWC. Spread your contribution over time and help sustain the movement for water justice!
3. Join us for our second annual Water Justice Leadership Awards on Wednesday, February 17th, from 5:30-7:30pm at Mayahuel in Downtown Sacramento! We'll be honoring leaders in the movement for water justice, including Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León, State Water Board Member Tam Doduc, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability Co-Directors Phoebe Seaton and Veronica Garibay, and long-time community leaders Sandra Garcia and Ruth Martinez. Tickets and sponsorship details are available here.

Whatever the reason and whatever the way, we hope you'll support CWC's work. Please make a year-end gift of $10, $50, $250 or more to ensure low-income, rural communities have the resources they need to create lasting water solutions. 


Let’s work together to keep building the water justice movement in 2016!
Mil gracias,
The CWC team
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