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T is for Toxic: Danger Lurking in California School Drinking Fountains

By Sasha Ambramsky 

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While some remained concerned about the quantity of water in their wells, residents in several Central Valley School Districts are primarily worried about the quality of their water. Some area's water containing over three times the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for arsenic and other known carcinogens, the recent threat of safe drinking water in schools has only recently come to light. 

Community Water Center's own Susana de Anda explains how disheartening it is to not receive safe and clean water, especially in public facilities. “Imagine growing up in a community where you can’t drink the water and you go to school and you can’t drink the water – that sets you up to think that’s the way life is. Everyone should be able to drink tap water without the fear of getting sick. Those are not the conditions you want to condemn future generations to live in.”

A study conducted by the Community Water Center and the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water reported that over 1 million children across the state of California lack clean water in their school facilities. Despite the government's best effort at combatting problems, gaps in funding and lack of knowledge about the extent of the contamination has left many unsure of the next steps.


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