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United for Water Justice

Election_Day_2016.jpgAs we all process the results of yesterday's election, we know that now more than ever, we must stand together in the movement for water justice.

Access to safe, clean, and affordable water is a basic human right that too many Californians and Americans don’t have. The outcome of this election makes our work for water justice more difficult and all the more important.

At the Community Water Center, we’re proud that we registered more than 700 new voters and contacted thousands of residents to get out the vote. We’re thrilled that Latino voter turnout in California is now at its highest yet.

In addition to voter engagement, we’re also working to develop and support leaders who are more representative of and accountable to our communities. That’s why we’re launching the Community Water Leaders Network next month to unite local board members and provide them with the resources, support and opportunities they need to implement water solutions at the local, regional and state levels. If you are or someone you know is a local water leader, please let us know.

If we want safe and affordable drinking water, we must hold our elected officials accountable and ensure the decisions they make actually reflect the needs of our communities. In the end, water justice is not a partisan issue -- it's a human rights issue. We are committed to this work, and we will take action alongside our communities to ensure our basic rights are protected. Together, we can and will resist racism, sexism, xenophobia, and hate as we fight to secure safe and affordable drinking water for all. We hope you join us in standing up for justice.


Susana, Laurel, and the entire CWC team

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