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What's in Your Water?


Do you know what's in your water?
Answer these questions to find your answer...


Where does my water come from?

Do you (or your landlord) pay for water coming from your tap? If so, you are probably served by a public drinking water system.

Visit the U.S. EPA site to find your system and look up its annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). If it is not available on this site, call the number on your water bill for your local water provider and ask for a copy of the CCR. If you are on a private well, you are responsible for the quality of your water. See our guide for private wells for more information.

Click here for a short guide to help you understand whether or not your water is safe.


What can I do if my water is unsafe to drink?

Find a short-term alternative water source, such as bottled water or an in-home filter. Boiling water may kill things like bacteria and pathogens, but often concentrates other contaminants like nitrate or arsenic, making those problems worse.

Find out why your water is not safe and make sure your water system is working to secure a long-term solution. You have a right to safe water and should not have to pay twice for water or be exposed to unsafe contaminants.


Get empowered!

For more information, click here for a short guide on how to find out if your water is safe and how to protect yourself, or download our comprehensive Guide to Community Drinking Water Advocacy here.

May 5-11, 2014 is National Drinking Water Week and we want to know: What's in your water? Please join our campaign to spread awareness about the Human Right to Water and the injustice that millions of Californians experience every day when they turn on the taps in their homes and cannot drink the water due to contamination. There are many ways for you to get involved:

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In honor of National Drinking Water Week, we ask you to stand with impacted communities, advocates, and allies by signing a petition to policy makers and elected leaders, demanding that the State California take proactive steps to implement the Human Right to Water bill (AB 685).

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