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Landmark Victories in the Movement for Safe Drinking Water

ON Jun 19, 2015

New legislation includes resources for consolidating water systems, access to previously secret groundwater data, and a new agency financing system!

Assembly, Senate Approve Landmark Drought Consolidation Bills

ON Jun 19, 2015

The Legislature passed Governor Brown’s Drought Consolidation Budget Trailer Bill today, extending a lifeline to California communities that lack safe and affordable drinking water.

Rule In New California Budget Could Force Water Company Mergers

ON Jun 19, 2015

A provision in the newest California budget could give the state the power to force mergers between small water providers and larger companies. A number of small central valley water utilities are facing dried up wells and dirty water due to the drought.

Momentum Builds as Northern Tulare County Residents Collaborate for Regional Solutions

ON Jun 05, 2015

Seven, small, unincorporated communities in northern Tulare County have moved closer to a regional water solution! For the past few months, CWC’s organizing team has been knocking on doors and holding community meetings as pre-project outreach work across the seven communities. The County recently signed a Governance Study contract to evaluate region-wide governance solutions to address the area’s drinking water challenges, which include groundwater contaminated with high levels of nitrates and the pesticide DBCP.

Your Support Helped Key Bills Move Forward in the Legislative Process!

ON Jun 04, 2015

Thanks to great support online and in-person during National Drinking Water Week, we helped move several important water justice bills forward in the legislature!! We dropped off over 270 letters in support of a policy platform that will bring us closer to realizing the Human Right to Water!



Groundwater Quality Funding Scoping: Public Comment Period

Date: 06/30/15 Time: 12:00 AM-12:00 PM
City: Sacramento



Public Workshop: Conservation Pricing

Date: 07/08/15 Time: 09:00 AM-12:00 PM
City: Sacramento

" CWC has stepped in at all stages... to improve drinking water quality in the Central Valley, from testifying to policymakers to organizing to working to get local projects funded. "



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