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Water is a human right, not a privilege.

We've Moved! New Sacramento Office

ON Oct 01, 2015

Our Sacramento team just moved into a new office on 10th Street between G and H Streets. If you want to visit our policy, communications, and development staff in Sacramento, you can find us right behind the historic Sacramento Hostel at 716 10th Street. Hope to see you soon!

Hundreds of Millions in Drought Relief Failing to Reach Many Californians

ON Sep 21, 2015

The next time you bring home a case of those little 16-ounce bottles of water, imagine living out of them: pouring a little out every time you wash a dish and dumping them into buckets to shower or flush the toilet. That’s what Maria Medina’s family has done since their well went dry 18 months ago.

AB 954 needed to better meet drought-impacted Californians’ needs and help create drought-resilient rural communities

ON Sep 07, 2015

This Labor Day, some of the hardest-working families in California will be spending much of the holiday trying to secure a basic human right. They’ll drive to generous neighbors’ homes or, if they’re lucky, to central water tanks to fill up water buckets, because the wells that have supplied their homes for years have run dry. Some of these residents will also be making calls to the Governor’s Office and to their legislative representatives to advocate for the passage of a bill to ensure that Californians reliant on domestic wells have access to reliable, safe, and affordable water during the drought.

10 Questions: Susana De Anda, co-founder of the Community Water Center

ON Sep 06, 2015

Susana De Anda has taken her passion for social justice and turned it into an effort to assist members of her community by providing access to clean drinking water. As co-founder and co-executive director of the Community Water Center, based in Visalia, California's San Joaquin Valley, she has helped create tools that give members of a largely agricultural region the chance to be heard.

After the drought: Private well owners left behind?

ON Sep 05, 2015

Reacting to the drought emergency, state leaders have rescued trout from a warm San Joaquin River, offered $30 million in rebates for ripping out lawns and paid hundreds of millions to help communities facing water shortages. Yet one small group of Californians soon will fall through the safety net, water advocates say. They are private owners of failed wells – thousands in the San Joaquin Valley.

" CWC has stepped in at all stages... to improve drinking water quality in the Central Valley, from testifying to policymakers to organizing to working to get local projects funded. "



CWC Co-founder and Co-Executive Director, awarded 2013 Gary Bellow Public Service Award

by The Harvard Law School.


CWC's Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director awarded "Top Activist" in 2012

by Marie Claire magazine.