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California State Water Board holds meeting in Bakersfield about high levels of 1,2,3 TCP in the water

ON Jul 26, 2016

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The State Water Board held a public workshop in Bakersfield Tuesday on the pesticide byproduct 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (TCP). The workshop was the second of of three meetings the State Water Board is holding in regards to 1,2,3 TCP.

State workshop informs water users 117 Kern County wells have levels of TCP

ON Jul 26, 2016

It was once classified as a "safe" pesticide by Central Valley farmers and an "okay" cleaning product. But 1-2-3 TCP is far from safe. It is an colorless, odorless, cancer-causing chemical that has leaked into our groundwater.

Contaminants in 117 public wells across Kern County

ON Jul 26, 2016

The State Water Resources Board met with the public Tuesday to discuss plans to monitor the high levels of 1,2,3-TCP that have been found in public wells across Kern County. The cleaning solvent 1,2,3-TCP is also associated with pesticide products.

Time to Set a Legal Limit for Carcinogen Found in Kern’s Water

ON Jul 22, 2016

A few weeks ago, a Bakersfield television report on the carcinogenic water contaminant 1,2,3-trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) caught many local residents by surprise. The report shared details about the prevalence of this drinking water contaminant and highlighted that some wells exceeded the state’s public health goal for 1,2,3-TCP by 200 times. Many people were rightfully confused and concerned.

California To Set Legal Limit On Probable Carcinogen In Water

ON Jul 21, 2016

The California State Water Resources Control Board will soon set a maximum contaminant level for 1,2,3 Trichloropropane, or 1,2,3 TCP. It's currently found in industrial solvents and cleaning agents, but it was once found in two popular soil fumigants made by Dow Chemical and Shell Oil Company.

News Release: California Water Board Takes Step To Protect Public From Cancer-Causing Water Contaminant

ON Jul 20, 2016

California regulators took an important step toward protecting California communities from a highly toxic drinking water contaminant found across the state, say environmental justice advocates.

Public meeting to be held on carncinogen found in Kern water

ON Jul 20, 2016

A local meeting is planned following a Cal Water report that states a colorless, odorless, cancer-causing chemical has been lurking in Kern's water systems for years. State officials are taking action to set limits on just how much of it can be allowed in our groundwater.

Learn more about pesticide byproduct found in Valley drinking water

ON Jul 20, 2016

As California regulators plan to set a legal limit on a cancer-causing chemical found in Valley water systems, clean water advocates are urging residents to attend coming public workshops on the issue.

Susana De Anda Honored as White House Champion of Change

ON Jul 15, 2016

Community Water Center Co-Founder and Co-Director Susana De Anda is being recognized by the White House as one of ten “White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity” today. Susana and CWC have dedicated the past decade to ensuring that every Californian has access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.

South Valley Woman Headed to Washington D.C. to be Honored for Being a Champion of Change

ON Jul 14, 2016

A South Valley woman is heading to Washington, D.C. this week where she'll be honored by the White House. Susana De Anda was a driving force behind a new state law that prioritized clean drinking water for every resident and multi-million dollar water studies in poor communities. Now she's bringing California's water issues to the national stage with a highly acclaimed honor.

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