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Community Water Center COVID-19 Response


CWC COVID-19 Response

During this uncertain and difficult time, we are working alongside community partners and allies to ensure that vulnerable communities in the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Coast have access to the resources they need and to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.

In the immediate term we are reaching out to community members, assessing the impact to vulnerable communities, and connecting people to available resources. For longer-term solutions we successfully advocated for a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs along with clean water advocates and are working toward a water affordability program for all Californians.

It is important to stay safe and informed during this difficult time about the resources available to you during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Is your access to water being affected? Tell us.

If you're having trouble accessing safe, clean, and affordable drinking water, we want to hear from you. Let us know your situation so we can ensure that your concerns are heard by state and local decision-makers.

Email us: or call: (559) 733-0219

Governor orders statewide moratorium on water shutoffs

We joined a coalition of clean water advocates in submitting a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom requesting that he implement an immediate statewide moratorium on water shutoffs and to take other immediate emergency steps to maintain and restore access to water in vulnerable communities. The Governor responded to this crisis by ordering a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs on April 2, 2020. You can read our joint statement on the moratorium here.

Our work continues.

We are hearing from residents of disadvantaged communities and low-income households that water shutoffs due to inability to pay water bills are continuing during the state of emergency. We are also hearing from residents with unsafe tap water that bottled water is very difficult to find in stores right now. As one example, residents of communities in Tulare County currently lack access to safe water due to a change in the administrator of their state-funded bottled water delivery program, and residents have told us that it has been nearly impossible to find replacement water in local stores. This is proving true for many small communities that depend on corner stores for day to day needs.

Our state must address the long-term challenge of water affordability by creating a statewide low-income rate assistance program for water, just like we have for energy and cell phones.

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