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CWC's Jenny Rempel Discusses Drought Impacts on California Communities on MSNBC

ON Apr 16, 2015

Jenny Rempel discusses the impacts of the drought on small California communities and the need for lasting drinking water solutions on MSNBC's Greenhouse.

More than 1 million Californians don’t have reliable access to clean water

ON Apr 06, 2015

Californians who grumble about not being able to water their lawns everyday during the fourth year of a historic drought should swing by this small town in southern Kern County. Drought or no drought, residents of this rural community can’t drink water from the tap and can’t even use it for cooking because high levels of arsenic — known to cause cancer — become even more concentrated when water is boiled.

Laurel Firestone co-authors op-ed for the Guardian on Well Logs

ON Apr 03, 2015

The Guardian recently published an op-ed by Laurel Firestone and Thomas Harter on the need for public wells logs in California, especially as drought conditions continue to intensify.

Prop. 1 Water Bond Implementation Updates

ON Mar 27, 2015

The $7.545 billion water bond (Prop. 1) was approved overwhelmingly by California voters last November to direct critical resources towards state water supply infrastructure projects. That set aside at least $696 million specifically for disadvantaged and severely disadvantaged communities. Now, the task at hand is actually disbursing that money on the ground where it’s needed most.

Drought Relief Package a Step Toward Water Justice

ON Mar 27, 2015

Governor Brown approved a $1 billion emergency drought relief package this week! The legislation is an important step toward ensuring all communities have access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.

Assembly Committee hears testimony from East Porterville residents and Tulare Lake Basin Study Recommendations

ON Mar 26, 2015

More than half a dozen East Porterville residents drove to Sacramento last month to testify before the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee. These residents told stories about life without water. Of being unable to wash clothes, take showers, or even flush the toilet without first walking outside to fill a bucket with water from a temporary water tank.

Proposed Office To Help Poor Communities Get Clean Drinking Water

ON Mar 24, 2015

The emergency drought relief bill proposed for California would create a new state office. That might sound fairly mundane. But it could go a long way to help disadvantaged communities.

As water dwindles, lawmakers seek access to confidential well logs

ON Mar 24, 2015

It’s not a secret that California is facing a groundwater crisis. But something else is: a vast repository of state records that scientists and water policy specialists say could dramatically improve our understanding of California’s groundwater resources if they were made public.

Governor Brown announces Maria Herrera's appointment to the CA Water Commission!

ON Mar 12, 2015

Governor Brown appointed Maria Herrera to the CA Water Commission on March 11th! CWC's former Community Advocacy Director and a current AGUA member, Maria is one of the foremost experts on rural community water needs in the Central Valley. CWC is thrilled to see her in this new leadership role!!

New factsheet on addressing drought-related needs in California’s most vulnerable communities

ON Mar 12, 2015

CWC recently completed a fact sheet on acute water shortage needs for California's most vulnerable communities. The document provides key recommendations for California's Administration and Legislature to address critical drought-related issues.

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