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Private wells drying up in Monson

ON Jul 09, 2014

KSEE 24 News. Private wells are drying up in Tulare County. At least 7 have stopped pumping water in Monson and some people are collecting water in barrels and using it to wash dishes and bathe.

California restricts public access to water well records

ON Jul 07, 2014

Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News. A decades-old law barring the public from viewing records of water wells throughout California is drawing criticism amid the state's drought.

The Public Eye: As drought persists, frustration mounts over secrecy of California's well drilling logs

ON Jul 06, 2014

By Tom Knudson, Sacramento Bee. California's well completion reports, or well logs, are not open to the public, and this lack of accessible and transparent data poses a challenge to understanding the State's groundwater resources.

Press Release: Governor Brown Approves the Drinking Water Program Transfer

ON Jun 30, 2014

Communities and advocates secured a huge victory on June 15, 2014 with Governor Brown signing into law the transfer of California’s Drinking Water Program from the California Department of Public Health to the State Water Resources Control Board.

At last, running water for Tulare County couple

ON Jun 25, 2014

By Mark Grossi, Fresno Bee. It looks like the Fourth of July won't be dry at the Almanza home near Porterville in rural Tulare County. In less than two months after the story of the Almanzas' dry well was published in the Fresno Bee, volunteers have stepped forward and a new well is on the way!

Dried up: Poverty in America's drought lands

ON Jun 15, 2014

By Amy McDonald, Deseret News National. Drought is driving up produce prices nationwide, and among the rising food costs, access to clean water, and growing unemployment, the drought's hardest-hit victims are the country's poor.

Drought Intensifies Push for Better California Groundwater Management

ON Jun 11, 2014

By Pauline Bartolone, Capital Public Radio. Californians are becoming more reliant on underground water during the drought. But policymakers and environmental groups agree better management of the resource is needed.

Opinion: Why I'm planning to kayak (and walk) America's 'most endangered' river

ON Jun 11, 2014

By John Sutter, CNN. Embarking on a project about the San Joquin River, Columnist John Sutter visits CWC to learn how and why water matters to our communities.

The 'Deepest Straw Wins' in Central Valley Scramble for Groundwater

ON Jun 10, 2014

By Pauline Bartolone, Capital Public Radio. The drought, the increased reliance on groundwater, and the patchwork system of groundwater management in California is creating a scramble for water in the San Joaquin Valley.

Good Water News for Almanza Household in Tulare County

ON May 27, 2014

By Mark Grossi, Fresno Bee. The taps may be running again soon at the Almanza house in rural Tulare County thanks to the many who have stepped up to offer assistance after the story of the Almanzas and their dry well was featured in local news.

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