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They Built It, But Couldn’t Afford To Run It—Clean Drinking Water Fight Focuses On Gaps In Funding

ON Jun 13, 2017

In the third installment of the series Contaminated, KVPR focuses on the opportunities that would be presented and disasters avoided by passage of Senate Bill 623. The bill would establish the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, creating a pool of money to help cover long term water system costs for Californians who lack access to clean water.

Governor's Revised Budget Does Not Adequately Address Drinking Water Crisis Affecting One Million Californians

ON May 22, 2017

Water justice advocates and environmental, health, rural, and equity organizations were dismayed that the Governor’s revised budget does not go far enough to address the state’s drinking water crisis. Almost five years after the Governor signed into law the Human Right to Water, 300 communities and one million Californians – far more than the population of Flint, Michigan – still lack this basic human right.

Resident Testimony Ensures that Senate Bill 623 Passes Unanimously in its First Senate Committee

ON Apr 20, 2017

Dozens of community leaders from the San Joaquin Valley traveled up to Sacramento last week to speak out in support of Senate Bill 623, which would create a fund to ensure all Californians have safe and affordable drinking water.

ACLU: #123TCP – The Toxic Chemical in California's Tap Water

ON Apr 11, 2017

No one should have to turn on their tap and wonder if the water is safe to drink. But thousands of homes across the state are connected to water sources contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical called 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (TCP); and until recently, few Californians knew about it, let alone had any way to fight it.

EWG: Cancer Causing Pesticide Garbage Taints Tap Water for Millions in California

ON Apr 11, 2017

California produces two-thirds of America's fruits and nuts, and a third of its vegetables, with the lion's share grown in the 250-mile-long San Joaquin Valley. But the bounty comes with a price: widespread contamination of drinking water from agricultural chemicals.

California Takes Strong Steps Toward Making Water Conservation a Way of Life

ON Apr 07, 2017

State officials today released a comprehensive plan to formalize Governor Brown’s 2016 Executive Order on “Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life.” The plan sets a strong path toward achieving the objectives of the order: using water more wisely, eliminating water waste, strengthening local drought resilience, improving agricultural water use efficiency and drought planning.

California is finally going to regulate a chemical it identified as carcinogenic 25 years ago

ON Mar 30, 2017

California has formally begun a process that could regulate a chemical carcinogen called TCP, which has been linked to cancer for more than two decades. As Many as 700,000 Californians Are Drinking Contaminated Water

ON Mar 25, 2017

Trapped in a drought for five years, California still has a big problem with its water after months of wet weather.

SacBee: Opposing sides in California water wars forced together in groundwater agencies

ON Mar 24, 2017

With all the downpours and flooding across California this winter, it might seem that the pressure to begin managing the state’s precious groundwater supply would ease up a bit. Instead, the state is pushing to quicken the pace of implementing groundwater regulations.

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Workshop

ON Mar 20, 2017

Join us on April 1st for a free, one-day workshop featuring experts from the Union of Concerned Scientists!

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