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NY Times: CA Attorney General Calls Safe Drinking Water A Priority

ON Feb 10, 2017

The New York Times solicited questions for Xavier Becerra last week, and they chose our question as one of only four reader questions that Becerra answered. That means The New York Times spent a quarter of the interview on safe and affordable water!

Tap water in San Lucas is again unsafe to drink.

ON Feb 10, 2017

When Sheri Braden grabs a few potatoes from her pantry to cook for dinner, she rinses them off under the faucet. Then she uses water from a 5-gallon jug to rinse off the tap water she originally used. The water running through the pipes to her home has been deemed unsafe for human consumption.

Standing Room Only: Briefing California Legislators on the Importance of Funding Safe Drinking Water

ON Feb 10, 2017

The goal of the meeting was for residents of some of the 300 California communities with unsafe drinking water to talk about what the problem is: Flint in our back yard. There are more residents in California whose drinking water standards are failing than the entire population of Flint, Michigan.

Fresno Takes First Step Toward Ridding Water Of Toxic 1,2,3-TCP

ON Feb 09, 2017

The Fresno city council on Thursday approved a plan that could be the first step in clearing a harmful chemical out of the city’s drinking water.

Agua Tóxica - Telemundo

ON Feb 09, 2017

Las necesidades para un agua potable, sana y económica son reconocidas en el presupuesto del Estado

ON Feb 09, 2017

Grupos de defensores del agua y organizaciones de la justica ambiental, de salud, rurales, y de equidad se sintieron alentados por el lenguaje del presupuesto del Gobernador que hacía referencia a la necesidad de un agua potable, sana y económica.

Free Water Testing for Lead Available to California Schools

ON Jan 18, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, the State Water Resources Control Board sent a permit amendment notice to all public water systems in California requiring them to offer free tap water testing for lead contamination to the schools they serve. The move comes after mounting concerns over the lack of requirements for water quality testing in schools, especially after the disaster in Flint, Michigan.

News Release: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Needs Recognized in California Budget

ON Jan 12, 2017

Water justice advocates and environmental, health, rural, and equity organizations were encouraged that language in the Governor’s budget referenced safe and affordable water. However, advocates urged the Governor to prioritize developing a sustainable funding source this year to ensure all Californians have safe and affordable drinking water.

'They’re Not Going to Be Able to Ignore This Entire City Standing Together'

ON Dec 30, 2016

From toxic levels of lead coursing through pipes in Flint, Michigan, to the ongoing fight for clean water raging in California’s Central Valley—where chemical waste sites have contaminated local water sources for decades—to the start of a massive protest over an oil pipeline that could poison groundwater in the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, water was a hot-button issue throughout 2016.

County moving in right direction on well ordinance

ON Dec 15, 2016

It may have taken longer than some wanted, but Tulare County Supervisors last week agreed they need to look at some form of a well ordinance, but not tie the hands of rural residents or farmers. Supervisors instructed county staff to come up with a draft ordinance which right now would place a moratorium on the drilling of new ag wells on land which is not presently being farmed. The county also instructed staff to study the need for a hydrologist who could further study impacts on new well drilling.

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