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New Report on How to Meet the Water Needs of Disadvantaged Communities

ON Feb 06, 2015

CWC and our partners worked together to produce recommendations at the Disadvantaged Communities Visioning Workshop in December 2015. These recommendations identify more effective means of engaging with and responding to low-income communities’ water needs as part of a pilot program involving seven Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Groups.

Agua4All: New Taps Installed in South Kern County and Eastern Coachella Valley Expand Access to Safe, Clean Drinking Water

ON Feb 06, 2015

20-year-old Arvin City Mayor pro Tem Jose Gurrolla often tells the story of how, after spending hours playing under the San Joaquin Valley sun as a kid, he and his friends knew instinctively not to quench their thirst with the water coming out of their school’s taps. Even children know that the water in South Kern County isn’t safe.

Denise Kadara appointed to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board!

ON Feb 06, 2015

CWC Community Partner Denise Kadara was recently appointed to the Central Valley Regional Water Board!

Coalition brings clean drinking water to rural Kern County

ON Feb 03, 2015

By Courtenay Edelhart, The Bakersfield Californian. Clean drinking water is something many Americans take for granted, but in areas such as south Kern County access to safe water is not guaranteed.

In California's Poorest Towns, Tap Water's Legacy Is Toxic for Latinos

ON Jan 14, 2015

A recent policy brief from U.C. Davis' Center for Poverty Research shows how negative beliefs about the safety and quality of tap water, especially among Latinos, is linked to higher consumption of sugary beverages—key culprits in obesity.

Town Without Water

ON Dec 29, 2014

The community of East Porterville was featured on NBC News' TODAY Show and The Weather Channel. Over 800 wells have run dry, leaving an estimated 3,000 residents without running water in their homes.

Local environmental groups receive funds for projects

ON Dec 16, 2014

Two Tulare County environmental groups were among eight across the Central Valley on Tuesday awarded a total $275,000 from the Fresno Regional Foundation.

New Report on Dairy Risk to Communities

ON Dec 15, 2014

CWC volunteer Pete DeMarco completed a new report, “Dairies’ Risk to the Drinking Water of Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities in the Tulare Lake Basin,” and presented his findings at the Regional Water Board meeting in December.

Celebrating our 2014 victories!

ON Dec 11, 2014

Before the new year, we're pausing to celebrate the power of community-driven change. Check out our infographic highlighting 2014 wins. Thanks to our strong base of supporters, we've accomplished a lot!

Tulare County will welcome water bond money

ON Nov 07, 2014

By David Castellon, Visalia Times-Delta. Some who have waited for the state bond measure to finally be passed are optimistic a good chunk of the money will benefit Tulare County. Ryan Jensen, a community organizer for Visalia-based Community Water Center notes...

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