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California drought: Lawmakers consider historic rules to limit groundwater pumping

ON Aug 13, 2014

By Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News. In what would be the most significant water law passed in California in nearly 50 years, lawmakers in Sacramento are working with Gov. Jerry Brown to regulate groundwater pumping for the first time.

Tulare County secures $1.5M for school water

ON Aug 13, 2014

By David Castellon, Visalia Times-Delta. The CA Water Resources Control Board has awarded two grants totaling $1.5 million to buy bottled water for disadvantaged Tulare County schools with bad water quality or limited water access.

New Water Well for Seville Residents

ON Aug 08, 2014

By Gene Haagenson, ABC 30, KFSN-Fresno. The Tulare County community of Seville has suffered with water problems for years, but relief arrived this week with a well drilling rig.

Aging water system gets new well in Seville

ON Aug 08, 2014

By Teresa Douglass, Visalia Times-Delta. Last-minute deal between Tulare County and the State of California gets a new well for Seville and provides water for 120 households.

Wells in Tulare County Are Going Dry

ON Aug 07, 2014

By David Castellon, Visalia Times-Delta. Residents in Monson said they've heard of at least eight homes with wells that have run dry. Those residents who haven't lost water are worried their wells will fail soon as the drought worsens.

Rural San Joaquin Valley reeling from drought

ON Jul 14, 2014

By Mark Grossi, Fresno Bee. Stratford is part of a 2,000-square-mile area in the Valley where the landscape has sunk many feed in the last several decades. The ground sinks naturally in the Valley, but not that fast.

Tulare County trying to fix the water problem in Seville

ON Jul 10, 2014

KSEE 24 News. Seville's well is old, water pressure constantly drops, and the water is known to contain high levels of nitrates. On Thursday, the County shut down Seville's pump to being making improvements.

County seeking $500,000 to pay for emergency water

ON Jul 09, 2014

By Davis Castellon, Visalia Times-Delta. The drought has triggered increased reports of wells running dry or becoming too contaminated to provide safe water. However, relief could be coming to impacted communities such as Seville, as the County is expected to receive $500,000 in state grant money to purchase bottled water.

Water crisis in Tulare County's Seville trigger state help, short-term fixes

ON Jul 09, 2014

By Mark Grossi, Fresno Bee. Drought and tainted water have nearly shut down people's taps in Seville, which has triggered emergency state funding and temporary fixes that have been elusive for years in Seville.

Private wells drying up in Monson

ON Jul 09, 2014

KSEE 24 News. Private wells are drying up in Tulare County. At least 7 have stopped pumping water in Monson and some people are collecting water in barrels and using it to wash dishes and bathe.

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