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Hustle and Flow: Here's Who Really Controls California's Water

ON Sep 08, 2014

By Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones. "Water flows uphill towards money," a source told Marc Reisner in Cadillac Desert, the seminal book on California water politics. Today the complex web of political interests has become even more arcane and intertwined.

California Drought Leaves Homes Without Water

ON Sep 08, 2014

Associated Press. Hundreds of rural San Joaquin Valley residents no longer can get drinking water from their home faucets because California's extreme drought has dried up their individual wells.

California Passes Historic Groundwater Legislation

ON Sep 04, 2014

Community Water Center urges Governor Brown to sign legislation for inclusive, sustainable groundwater management.

County-wide Bottled Water Program Reaches Monson

ON Aug 26, 2014

Community Water Center and AGUA Coalition members help County employees deliver bottled water to the first recipients of the Tulare County program providing immediate safe drinking water to communities impacted by the drought and contamination.

California’s Central Valley: ‘More Than Just Farmers on Tractors’

ON Aug 25, 2014

As we all know by now, California is in a serious state of drought. Some parts of the state are getting hit harder than others. The Central Valley is one of them.

In dry California, water goes to those who drill the deepest

ON Aug 15, 2014

By Haya El Nasser, Al Jazeera America. The only sign of life sprouting out of a vast expanse of land in this unincorporated corner of Tulare County is a large drilling rig and two trucks laden with 1,000-foot-long drill pipes.

New Water Bond Advances Human Right to Water

ON Aug 14, 2014

CWC advocates were brought into last-minute negotiations with the Governor’s office to ensure the new $7.5-billion bond would target resources to communities that lack access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water.

California drought: Lawmakers consider historic rules to limit groundwater pumping

ON Aug 13, 2014

By Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News. In what would be the most significant water law passed in California in nearly 50 years, lawmakers in Sacramento are working with Gov. Jerry Brown to regulate groundwater pumping for the first time.

Tulare County secures $1.5M for school water

ON Aug 13, 2014

By David Castellon, Visalia Times-Delta. The CA Water Resources Control Board has awarded two grants totaling $1.5 million to buy bottled water for disadvantaged Tulare County schools with bad water quality or limited water access.

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