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Yes On Proposition 3

ON Nov 02, 2018

If passed, Proposition 3 will provide a total of $750 million for safe drinking water and wastewater projects.

October Groundwater Workshops

ON Nov 02, 2018

We were excited to help host two great groundwater planning and sustainability workshops in October. Click to see pictures and more!

East Orosi Residents Speak in Support of Long-term Drinking Water Solution

ON Nov 01, 2018

Last Monday, residents from East Orosi met with State Water Resources Control Board officials at a public meeting to discuss a proposed drinking water solution for their community.

San Diego Student Highlights Susana

ON Oct 29, 2018

Martha, a student at High Tech Elementary in San Diego, was inspired by learning that people around the world don’t have access to clean water. As a class project, she was assigned to write about someone she sees as a revolutionary.

Agosto 2018 eNews

ON Sep 17, 2018

August 2018 eNews

ON Sep 17, 2018

Justicia denegada

ON Sep 07, 2018

La semana pasada, después de casi dos años de lucha, cinco días en el Capitolio haciendo huelga por el agua, con múltiples visitas legislativas y con un fuerte llamado por la rendición de cuentas del gobierno, la sesión legislativa terminó sin la aprobación de un paquete de dos propuestas de ley sumamente importantes para financiar el agua sana, limpia y económica para todos los californianos. Aunque la justicia no se ha realizado, la justicia no será negada.

Justice Delayed

ON Sep 06, 2018

Last week, after almost two years of advocacy, five days of water strikes at the Capitol, multiple legislative visits, and loud, passionate calls for government accountability, the legislative session ended without the passage of a critical two-bill package to fund safe and affordable drinking water. Even though justice has been delayed, justice will not be denied.

Julio 2018 eNews

ON Jul 31, 2018

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