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Erica joins CWC Team as Director of Organizing!

ON Jun 11, 2018

Erica joined us this week as our new Director of Organizing! She brings years of experience working with low-income, rural communities on environmental justice issues, and we are so excited to be working with her.


ON Jun 08, 2018

SACRAMENTO -- Supporters of a statewide Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund today applauded the commitment by Governor Jerry Brown, Legislative leadership and a bipartisan group of legislators to continue to craft a solution to the state’s drinking water crisis.

Civic Engagement Team Calls 1,000s of Tulare County Voters!

ON Jun 08, 2018

Our Civic Engagement Project team spent the past few weeks contacting thousands of Tulare County Latino voters! They talked to voters about water in their community and reminded them to vote. See pictures of the team below!

May 2018 eNews

ON May 31, 2018

An Evening of Art and Justice

ON May 22, 2018

On May 12th, we hosted our first fundraiser in the Bay Area - “An Evening of Art of Justice.” Over 50 people joined us for this special event to learn more about California’s drinking water crisis and Community Water Center’s work.

Rallies Held for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water in Bakersfield and Merced

ON May 22, 2018

On Friday of National Drinking Water Week, more than 60 people, including Dolores Huerta, came out to simultaneous rallies in Merced and Bakersfield to push for the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. The San Joaquin Valley is hard hit by toxic tap water, and residents spoke out for change.

Canvassers are calling 1,000s of Tulare County Latino Voters!

ON May 22, 2018

Last week, we launched our second civic engagement program (CEP)! This Spring, we have the chance to connect with thousands of voters, to discuss drinking water issues and remind them to vote on June 5th.

Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund Update

ON May 22, 2018

This week, San Joaquin Valley residents traveled to Sacramento for the third time this year to urge their legislators to prioritize safe and affordable drinking water for ALL Californians by supporting the Governor's Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. In addition to meeting with legislators, residents attended an Assembly budget hearing to share their experience with unsafe and unaffordable water and urged the committee members to support the Fund.

CWC's 2017 Civic Engagement Program

ON Apr 06, 2018

CWC contacted 2,122 voters in Tulare County last fall to ask them about their drinking water!

¡Lea nuestras últimas noticias del mes de marzo!

ON Mar 30, 2018

Estamos a punto de que se vote a favor del Fondo económico para tener agua sana, limpia y económica, gracias a que el gobernador lo considera una prioridad y lo ha incluído en su presupuesto del 2018-2019. También más de 100 organizaciones lo apoyan y los residentes de distintas comunidades continúan presionando a los legisladores para que apoyen este importante Fondo y darle una solución a la crisis del agua. Los siguientes tres meses serán cruciales para ganar esta campaña. Manténgase en contacto con su legislador para pedirle que apoye y sea una prioridad para que todos tengan acceso al agua sana, limpia y económica. ¡Para apoyar y tomar acción oprima aquí!

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