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For Some People in the U.S., Every Day is a Day without Water

ON Sep 14, 2016

Water is something that we easily take for granted. We wake up in the morning, stumble into the shower, brush our teeth, and brew our coffee without a second thought of how the abundance of clean water arrived at our tap. By the end of that routine, nearly 30 gallons of water has been used.

PBS NewsHour Weekend Features East Porterville

ON Sep 09, 2016

As California's five-year drought continues, the community of East Porterville has become an epicenter for the state's water shortage. Of the 1,800 homes located in the town, nearly 500 have lost wells...

California Or A Third World Country?

ON Sep 06, 2016

We’re in the midst of a hot, dry summer. While you’re thinking about how you’ll cool off, consider this: four times more Californians than the entire population of Flint, Michigan do not get clean, safe water from the tap in their homes. They live where water must be trucked in for drinking and cooking. Where they wait in line to shower in public trailers. And where they’ve been living like this for a long time.

2016 Legislative Wrap Up

ON Sep 06, 2016

Legislative sessions are always full of ups and downs, and this year was no exception. The bills that successfully made their way through the Assembly and Senate will now move to the Governor’s desk.

CWC and Friends of the River Rafting Trip

ON Sep 02, 2016

Earlier this summer, staff from all three of the Community Water Center's offices went on a rafting trip led by the nonprofit Friends of the River!

Sequía espolea a vecinos a organizarse para conseguir agua

ON Aug 29, 2016

Es un caluroso domingo en este seco valle agrícola y Erasto Terán, uno de los promotores del Centro Comunitario por el Agua -CWC por sus siglas en Inglés- visita la casa de su amigo, Everardo Suárez.

Running Water Arrives In Drought-Addled East Porterville

ON Aug 22, 2016

Four years into the drought, an estimated 1,500 wells have run dry in Tulare County. Now, thanks to a state-funded project, relief is finally coming to one of the county’s hardest hit communities.

Safe, reliable water started flowing to the first home in East Porterville today!

ON Aug 19, 2016

After over three years since the first homes started running out of water, East Porterville residents who have been relying on bottled water and tanks are now being connected to the City of Porterville’s water system.

Where Lead Lurks And Why Even Small Amounts Matter

ON Aug 16, 2016

Lead problems with the water in Flint, Mich., have prompted people across the country to ask whether they or their families have been exposed to the toxic metal in their drinking water, too. When it comes to assessing the risk, it's important to look in the right places.

California Agriculture Is The Largest Source Of Nitrogen Pollution In The State

ON Aug 10, 2016

A new assessment looks at nitrogen’s impact in California and how it’s affecting human health and the environment. The California Nitrogen Assessment Report shows that as the global demand for food has increased, so has the use of fertilizers- both organic and synthetic. But California crops use only a half to a third of all the synthetic nitrogen applied. Nearly 419,000 tons of nitrogen leach into groundwater every year.

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