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Untapped Opportunity: Local Water Board Elections and the Fight for Water Justice, CWC Publication. Check out the fact sheet and full report!

The Struggle for Water Justice: Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities in California's San Joaquin Valley, UC Davis Center for Regional Change. Check out the full report and executive summary in English and Spanish!


All CWC Publications 

◊ Assessing Water Affordability: A Pilot Study in Two Regions of California, CWC, Pacific Institute, & Fresno State Publication

◊ Environmental Justice Implications of Arsenic Contamination in California’s San Joaquin Valley: a cross-sectional, cluster-design examining exposure and compliance in community drinking water systems, by Carolina Balazs, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Alan Hubbard, & Isha Ray

Community-Based Participatory Research
◊ The Three Rs: How Community-Based Participatory Research Strengthens the Rigor, Relevance, and Reach of Science, by Carolina Balazs & Rachel Morello-Frosch

Community Tools
◊ Guide to Community Drinking Water Advocacy, CWC Publication

◊ Assessing the Impact of Dairies on the Drinking Water of Disadvantaged Communities in the San Joaquin Valley, Peter DeMarco & CWC

Human Right to Water
Implementing the Human Right to Water in California’s Central Valley: Building a Democratic Voice Through Community Engagement in Water Policy Decision Making, by Rose Francis & Laurel Firestone
The Human Right to Water Bill in California: An Implementation Framework for State Agencies, International Human Rights Law Clinic (UC Berkeley School of Law) publication

Water & Health in the Valley: Nitrate Contamination of Drinking Water and the Health of San Joaquin Valley Residents, CWC Publication
The Human Costs of Nitrate-Contaminated Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley, 2011, Pacific Institute Publication
Social Disparities in Nitrate Contaminated Drinking Water in California’s San Joaquin Valley, by Carolina Balazs, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Alan Hubbard, & Isha Ray

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)
◊ Collaborating for Success: Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Implementation, CWC, Clean Water Fund, & Union of Concerned Scientists

◊ Getting Involved in Groundwater: A Guide to California's Sustainability Plans, CWC & Union of Concerned Scientists

◊ Participe en el manejo de su cuenca: Guía para entender los planes de sustentabilidad de aguas subterráneas de California, CWC & Union of Concerned Scientists

◊  Groundwater Markets: Recommendations to Ensure Drinking Water Protections for Communities, CWC, Self-Help Enterprises, The Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, & Union of Concerned Scientists

Unsafe Water in Schools
◊ Are We Providing Our School Kids Safe Drinking Water? An Analysis of California Schools Impacted by Unsafe Drinking Water, CWC & Environmental Justice Coalition for Water


Additional Resources

Perceptions of Unsafe Drinking Water
Improve Water Quality in Rural Immigrant Communities, UC Davis Publication


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