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To learn more about local water board elections, follow this link. 

Mission statement:

The Community Water Leaders Network is a leadership cohort that unites local board members to increase access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water in the San Joaquin Valley through information sharing and capacity building.


The Importance of Local Water Boards:

Local water boards, including Community Services Districts (CSDs), Public Utilities Districts (PUDs) and nonprofit mutual benefit corporations (Mutual water companies), all of which are governed by volunteer community members, are responsible for providing the drinking water that is relied on by hundreds of thousands of Central Valley residents. Small cities provide drinking water for many more. As a result, these local boards are integral to sustaining healthy, thriving rural communities. Unfortunately, board members sometimes lack the resources, information and support they need to be successful, and small boards are all too often left out of the decision-making processes that are critical to ensuring their communities have access to safe, affordable water.

The Network:

For over 10 years, the Community Water Center (CWC) has worked with San Joaquin Valley water districts to address community water challenges and advance both immediate and sustainable water solutions. To further support the local leadership, CWC is launched the Community Water Leaders Network (CWLN or the Network) to ensure board members have the resources, information, support and opportunities they need to implement water solutions at the local, regional, and state levels. The Network is designed for board members currently serving on water districts or councils who share a commitment to advancing the Human Right to Water by:

  • Ensuring transparent and accountable local water districts;
  • Pursuing shared, sustainable, and affordable solutions for local community water challenges;
  • Actively participating in the decision-making processes that affect rural communities. 

Core Components:

The Network is comprised of four core components designed to support the diverse needs of local water leaders:

  1. The Community Water Leaders Network Newsletter - A monthly bilingual newsletter available through mail or email with updates, resources and upcoming meetings relevant to water boards in the Central Valley.
  2. Water Leader Briefings - Monthly conference calls that provide members an opportunity to connect with each other, crowd-source questions and receive updates and information from the comfort of their own homes.
  3. Roundtables and workshops - Periodic discussions and workshops that bring together diverse decision-makers to facilitate conversations and learning on specific topics of shared interest.
  4. Ongoing support - Connecting members of the Network to technical and legal assistance.

Apply to join the Network or nominate a leader: 

Complete this form to nominate yourself or a water leader you know. If you have any questions, contact Adriana Renteria at 559-733-0219 or

Steering Committee Members:

Michael Prado (President, Sultana CSD)

Denise Kadara (Board member, Regional Water Quality Control Board)

Kayode Kadara (Board member, Tri-County Water Authority and Deer Creek Stormwater District)

Lucy Hernandez (President, West Goshen Mutual Water Company)

For More Information:

Contact Adriana Renteria at or (559) 733-0219.

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