Community Water Center

Community-driven water solutions through organizing, education, and advocacy

The Solution

California's drinking water crisis can be solved. By moving quickly on both immediate and lasting solutions, we can make sure all Californians have safe, clean, and affordable water for their basic needs. 

For the past decade, the Community Water Center (CWC) has been working alongside thousands of local community members to ensure impacted communities have a voice in the water decisions and policies that affect them. We use three core strategies: Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, and Public Education. We have three programs: Community Power and Engaged Leadership, Sustainable and Affordable Drinking Water Solutions, and Sustainable Groundwater.

It is our fundamental belief that impacted community members must have a voice in the decisions and policies that affect them, making community resident engagement a major and vital component to all our campaigns.

Current Campaigns

Community Power and Engaged Leadership

This campaign seeks to build community power that can advocate for safe drinking water and effectively address drinking water needs. Community Water Center aims to support and grow a diverse network of local water decision-makers, engage voters around local water issues, and expand existing water coalitions. 

Sustainable and Affordable Drinking Water Solutions

Access to water is a basic human right, yet over one million Californians are exposed to unsafe drinking water each year. The goal of this program is to secure a statewide safe and affordable drinking water fund, and to ensure that existing water funds reach impacted residents without delay. We recognize the need for immediate, interim, and long term solutions to achieve this mission. 

Sustainable Groundwater Program

Central Valley residents rely heavily on groundwater as their drinking water supply, and the goal of this program to protect the quality and quantity of this groundwater. Community Water Center aims to support the formation of effective and transparent Groundwater Sustainability Agencies to help ensure that groundwater is used responsibly and equitable, and also aims to reduce further pollution to this critical water source. 

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